Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VI. Fever Ray (Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson)

Ahh, Fever Ray. What to say?

Fever Ray is the solo project of Karin Dreijer Andersson (otherwise known as the sister part of the brother/sister duo The Knife; who will feature in another post later) and the self titled album released last year (2009).

Sweden seems to produce most of the world's music. Ever since ABBA, pretty much everything you listen to is Swedish, whether you realise it or not; from the Cardigans to Axwell and half of the house music out there.

Alright, that might be a slight overstatement, but seriously, there's a lot of Swedes in popular music.

Fever Ray the album was received well, both critically and commercially, and having already been a fan of The Knife thanks to my Brother, I rather liked it myself.

When I listen to Fever Ray I think of cold and mist.

Maybe that doesn't sound too good, but I mean it in the sense that muscially, Fever Ray is immensely evocative and profoundly sensory.

Does that make me sound like a wanker? Yes, probably. Does it even make sense? No, probably not.

Here. Quick. Let me distract you.

Check out four awesome videos:


If I Had A Heart

When I Grow Up

Stranger Than Kindness


Anonymous said...

Wow that was the most pretentious and shitty blog ever. You fail

Carlynne said...

Oh man. I just wrote a whole long comment about how you were lovely and how it is the internet/blogosheres point to have people express their individual views unashamedly and that the dooche who wrote the above comment may need to take a good hard look at themselves and that you don't fail you rock and draw pretty things and love other things and love is great and important and so is passion and expressing that rather than hatin'.
But then the comment went away and I had to write this one.

Christian Sthlm said...

Hi Billie! Great blog you got here, makes me proud to be a swede ^_^ Great post about the danes :P We do love them like you would love an annoying little brother with speech defect. Altough they'd started too many wars to count and a bloodbath in our beautiful capitol to boot!

Anywho! You like Fever Ray?? Check out when she gets the award for best dance at the P3 Gold Gala. I love her so much ^_^


KG said...

Wow you're the most pretentious and shitty person ever. You fail!
(Directed at "Anonymous")

Billie Elske Eloise said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate the support. I'll leave it up for now in the spirit of free speech and democracy and all that (though I may soon become a tyrannical dictator and remove it for it's worthless negativity..)

Thanks lovely Carlynne for your lovely comment. You're right, love trumps hate, and my weird love for Sweden and lovely things and lovely people (like you) knows no bounds.

Tack for the fantastic link Christian! She's freaking awesome. And was that Promoe from Looptroop sitting in the front row? I'll be doing a post on them later..

If this blog has really done it's job and made you glad to be the lovely Swede that you are, then that's probably the greatest compliment it's going to receive, so tack så mycket. Jättemycket. :)

I was worried you were another hater for a split second KG. Thanks for the support. This little lady and her blog need it.

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

Billie, you are amazing! Funny and cool and an incredible drawer!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!!!!