Monday, August 2, 2010

V. Fem Myror Är Fler Än Fyra Elefanter

A friend has just told me over Skype about "Fem Myror Är Fler Än Fyra Elefanter" (Five Ants Are More Than Four Elephants), a Swedish children's programme which from a brief glance at the Swedish Wikipedia entry ran for a couple of years in the 70's from '73 to '75. 

It seems to be an educational show made up of songs, rather hilarious sketches and animations for children in a similar vein to Sesame Street; and just one more reason for me to love that big old penis shaped land.

I don't know about you, but this is the only way I want to learn my alphabet from now on..


TonyDuMont said...

That was a good show. They should have a version in the States.

What about the animated number segments? Some of them appeared on Sesame Street, which is why I looked for the original source. It's amazing what Youtube has allowed us to do.

Can you understand what they're saying in some of the sketches?

Billie Elske Eloise said...

It's a brilliant show. Part Sesame Street, part Monty Python. I can understand the sketches since it's all pretty basic stuff (and I'm much better at understanding Swedish than I am trying to put it together..)

Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to post a comment. :)

TonyDuMont said...

And speaking of All Things Swedish, St. Lucia day was last Monday, did you celebrate?

Fem Myror had a few sketches on that major Swedish holiday, and if you buy the DVD set, as I recently did, you can see them.