Thursday, December 2, 2010

VII. WeSC (We Are The Superlative Conspiracy)

WeSC (Pronounced Wee-S-C) is probably one of my favourite brands of Swedish clothing and if I were a rockstar I would feel empty inside if I wasn't sponsored by them.

I mean, hell, if Jason Lee and Axwell are getting free t-shirts, why the hell aren't I?

It is therefore henceforth a lifetime goal of mine to become somebody of note. I'll be able to gauge my success on whether or not I can enter the brotherhood of the WeActivists and on my first free shirt. Triple points if I get to design it myself in a collaboration.

Ok, so putting that fantasy on hold for a minute, let me tell you about WeSC, like you don't already know..

WeSC started out by sponsoring artists and musicians with clothes. Looptroop and Timbuktu were among the first, and also happen to be two of my favourite Swedish hip-hop artists. The culture of WeSC is heavily influenced by skateboarding and they sponsor a bunch of skaters both in Sweden and internationally, along with actors, artists, DJs, models, photographers, bloggers (hej hej..?) and other successful slackers who are damn good at what they do.

Did I mention the clothes are rad?

And that they have a detailed corporate social and environmental responsibility outline on their homepage?

You can check that out here while I go figure out how to become a famous DJ/blogger/skater/designer/WeActivist.

Don't look at me like that.. Pipe dreams can happen..

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