Thursday, April 29, 2010

II. Bilar

Bilar in Swedish means Cars.

Every day, thousands of Swedes drive to work in their Ahlgren’s Bilar, which are made of a delicious and chewy almost marshmallowy substance.

This is the most delicious candy in the world and when I was recently in Sweden and had to leave and cross the border from Denmark to Germany I was commanded by a cuckoo’s homesickness for the land I’d just left (and was only leaving for a couple of weeks) to buy a tax free mega travel pack of Ahlgren’s Bilar on the ferry from Rødby to Puttgarden.

These lasted me a while, even when sharing with all the Germans, Britons, Australians and New Yorkers I met.

The Germans didn’t like Ahlgren’s Bilar.

Germans are wrong.

Incidentally, Ahlgren’s was apparently bought by the Finnish company Huhtamäki way back in 1993, and Bilar was the only confectionary to keep the Ahlgren’s name.

Since I have a very dear friend in Switzerland who loves the Finnish almost as much as I love the Swedish, I’ve decided it’s ok for me to still buy and love Bilar. (We all know I wouldn’t be able to stop anyway.)

Also, Bilar is now available in Nyhet saltaste model!

Why do the Swedish have to make candy salty? Why?

This is my biggest point of contention with Sweden, and will be further explored in depth in a post on Djungelvrål.


Anonymous said...

What an elegant blog! Stylish and head over heels in love! Lucky old Sweden to have such a gorgeous advocate!

Anonymous said...

Sweden welcomes you into her arems and challenges you to a candy tasting where we will pruove to you that salty sweets are actually your favourite thing,
X an admirer